This is not a separate course, but rather the fist level for all our classes, from Baby Swimming to Adult Swimming.  

The element of getting you comfortable, helping you to understand that you are The Boss! of the water and how to use that knowledge with confidence, is not a separate course at the Awesome! Swim School.  Water Awareness and Safety, at the Awesome! Swim School, encompasses our respect for the fact that each client (be it a child or a granny) is different, has different issues, different needs and therefore needs to be treated differently. 


This aspect entails the amount of time and assistance you need to become comfortable in and around a body of water and it differs from person to person.  We acknowledge that and treat it with the respect it deserves.   


It may be that you have witnessed a near drowning, (we have had many clients like you!) or even experienced one yourself,  (we have had some clients like you - do not despair!)  or just never had the opportunity or need or will to experience a swimming pool in a safe environment before now (met them, sorted that!)   They  now are avid, converted heart to Swim{mers}! They have often told us that the most difficult step to learning (loving) to swim, is taking that first step towards your first lesson.  Come join us - we dare you!wink  And we promise, you will never regret it.



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