Resistance, Strengthening and Flexibility classes aimed at improving tone, strength and mobility


45 minutes per class, 1 x or 2 x per week


Because of the cushioning effect that water provides, this form of exercise is particularly beneficial to anyone at risk from bodily stress, including (but not exclusive to)  previously injured, elderly, overweight, those recovering from injuries (post rehabilitation) and pregnant woman, or even those that want to de-stress!


Each participant can function at their own comfort level and according to their own needs.  A great cardiovascular workout is obtained while the water’s resistance against your movements results in a higher workout intensity compared to land exercises.  A massaging effect is created by the water surrounding your muscles and your energy level will be renewed as your stress and tension is released.

During pregnancy water aerobics can help make exercise more comfortable.  Many women experience joint pain or back pain due to the excess weight in the belly, but feel relief when in water aerobics.  Preventing overheating is especially important during pregnancy, giving the water’s cooling effects extra value.  The water aerobics will also relieve swelling, improve circulation and enhance coordination.


Please note that our slow and low class are focused on doing it right rather than fast (since we know that that is where you will get the best benefit for strengthening and the least chance of injury) while our high and hot class are more focused on aerobic, high energy movements. Everyone can join both classes with confidence though.


Some advantages

  • Water offers more resistance than air and this is helping to contribute to muscular development.  When moving through water you are always encountering resistance and pressure from all directions, building strength. 
  • If you hate the idea of jumping around in tight gym clothes in a room full of people, exercising under water is a great way of gaining privacy!
  • Exercises are easier to perform in water since 50% of your body weight is supported by the water. 
  • Water’s buoyancy lowers the risk of stress-related injuries, yet you have high-calorie burning during and after a workout.
  • An increased aerobic endurance.  The hydrostatic pressure of the water results in a greater heart and lung capacity.
  • Water has an automatic cooling effect and can prevent you from overheating.
  • The warm water and the massaging effect thereof relax your muscles and lubricate your joints, resulting in a bigger range of movement.
  • Water aerobics will relieve swelling and improve circulation – great news for cellulite as well!
  • The overweight or obese will find exercise in the water much easier than on land.
  • Endurance is increased in the water, resulting in you being able to continue much longer.


  What you should bring along:

  • Firstly lots of enthusiasm and positive attitude! 
  • Swimming costume (board shorts or leggings can be worn if preferred).
  • Water in a plastic water bottle. (NO glass allowed!)
  • Lycra/Silicone/shower cap if so preferred.  (Optional)
  • Diving/Water shoes if preferred. (Optional)
  • Beanie and/or hoody are recommended during winter months to cover your ears and head.
  • A low-fat chocolate milkshake is recommended to restore your equilibrium after a strenuous session.




Please remember - it is advised that no swimmer should ever go swimming alone - Buddy up!  Unforeseen circumstances may lead to accidents. Help should always be at hand.  This remains applicable when on vacation or at home as well!


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