We believe in giving all children every opportunity to develop to their highest potential and being able to be safe in the water and swim is filled with possibilities for physical activity, play, fun and enjoyment.



At Awesome! Swim School, we know that water helps us to perform marvelous feats of movement, often even those that would be deemed impossible on land.  For the person with special needs, water are often the only environement in which a feeling of free and independant movement can be achieved.  We feel strongly that learning to swim and the enjoyment of water should not be limited to the abled bodied person.


Perceived Benefits include

  • opportunity for active movement and excercis, often hiding therapeutc and recreational aspects'
  • opportunity for play and socialisation;
  • often a "leveling of the playing field" due to the supportive and protective properties of water;
  • widening of experience and inclusion in social /sport activity: swimming;
  • eliminating and/or decreasing a huge cause of accidental deaths under special needs children.  The focus of these lessons will always be to maximally empower the child with (within range of ability) a self regulatory and/or life saving skill in the aquatic environement;
  • physical and developmental advantages of swimming to all children has been well documented


Our Special Needs and Disability Instructor is a gifted people's person

Her warmth, compassion and passion is a true asset.  She recently initiated and headed  adapted swimming lessons at an esteemed Special Needs Care and Support Centre in Johannesburg and has had 14 years of working with children, including swimming instruction and is a registered and qualified Swim Instructor and Coach.  She brings with her a wealth of previous experiences, expertise and education in the field of communication sciences, play therapy, early childhood development, teaching, baby swim, water safety, learn to swim teaching, coaching  and combines this with a passion for children with unique needs.

Her relevant qualifications can briefly be summarised as follows:

  • Swim South Africa registered and certified LTS instructor
  • Registered and ASCA (American Swimming Coaches Association) Coach
  • Qualified and Registered PBSTA baby and todler swim instructor
  • Extensive International Hydro training and qualification in International Paediatric Aquatic Techniques
  • Qualified and Registered WATSU Practitioner
  • Up to date CPR First Aid level 1

Estelle's approach is to initially build trust with each child and connect with them at their level. The second phase is to use repetition to teach essential water safety skills, which will then progress into teaching swimming and strokes if appropriate. The overall aim is to offer a space where each child can develop a safe respect for water and a life-long love for physical activity.


Adapted Swimming Lessons always start with Private sessions and in some instances wil progress to Adapted group sessions to add that special factor of interaction and socialisation.




Children are never totally safe in and around water.  Adult supervision should always be within hands-reach, regardless of their age or swimming ability,   infants are never totally safe in and around water.   Adult supervision should always be within hands- reach, regardless of their age or swimming ability.   It is advised that no swimmer should ever go swimming alone - Buddy up!  Unforseen circdumstances may lead to accidents. This remains applicable in all situations and for all children and adults.


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