We have created a positive environment in which to foster good academic habits and making positive life choices.    


We believe in the value of small groups and have limited space available.  Our premises are uncluttered and neat.  


We have two equipped study/homework rooms, fitted with desks and seating for ten children per room and 1 Tutoring/study/homework room equipped to seat another ten to fifteen children.


We offer:

  • Well balanced and tasty meals and snacks;

  • A safe, homely and child friendly environment for your child to live, study, laugh and socialize in;

  • Limited space for enrollments because we believe in the value of small groups;

  • Competent and passionate staff, willing and able to assist with homework during study time;

  • A book friendly space to cater for the "bookworms";

  • Holliday care when required;

  • A "Chill room" to cater for when your child has had enough socializing for one day!

  • The convenience of having a Study Centre and Swim School on the same premises.


Awesome Children are Happy Children!  Don't hesitate to come and join our family!  


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